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BScH in Computer Science

This four year Bachelor’s Degree program promotes the student ability to deal with software construction and to find digital solutions to problems of social sciences, business, mathematics, engineering science and information technologies. Teaching is done in English.

 The Program Objectives are:

  • Comprehend the breadth of computer science, its key intellectual divisions and questions, and its past and likely future impacts on engineering, science, medicine, business, and law;
  • Approach problems from the algorithmic perspective, understanding the nature and broad reach of computation and its applications;
  • Approach problems from the systems perspective, understand the evolving layers of the software/hardware stack and how to create, use, and extend them;
  • Approach problems from the perspective of artificial intelligence, understanding how to make progress against seemingly intractable problems;
  • Design and implement complex software systems, individually and as a team member; and
  • Design and implement effective human-machine interfaces.

To download the Syllabus:  Click Here!