In this subject students will study about Christian faith and pray, the ten commandments, the how God approaches men, the seven sacraments of church, role of religion in community, the mother church and the human dignity.
So it will enlarge the students with most  common practices, values and prospects of Christianity.

- To know our faith and God plans for  our life.
- To know how the Christianity respect human dignity and what are the consequences of the human dignity.
- To study the ten commandments of God and justify it in our life.
- To educate the students about their faith and living in Christ.


Unit one:

Lesson one: Why we are able to believe

Lesson two: God Approaches us men

Lesson three: Men Respond to God

Unit two:

Lesson one: the sacrament of Initiation

Lesson two: the sacrament of Healing

Lesson three: the sacrament of Communion and Mission

Unit three:

Lesson one: Dignity of human person

Lesson two: Human community

Lesson three: The Church

Unit Four:

Lesson one: The Ten Commandments

Lesson two: Pray in Christian life

Lesson three: The way of Pray.