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Comboni College in the continuous reading of Don Quixote
12 April

Comboni College in the continuous reading of Don Quixote

The Círculo de BellasArtes (CBA) of Spain organizes every year one of the most outstanding activities in the celebration of Book Day, 23 April: the continuous reading of the master piece of Spanish literature, Don Quixote.
This twenty-fourth edition of the event wasvirtual given the impossibility of carrying out a live reading due to the state of alarm in Spain. Therefore, the participants sent their recordings of the most outstanding chapters of the book, Don Quixote. The poet Joan Margarit, Cervantes Prize 2019, did the opening reading. After him, and within the first chapter of the novel, the Princess of Asturias, Doña Leonor and the Infanta Doña Sofía intervened. Important personalities from the world of culture and politics also read a piece of the novel: the President of the Region of Madrid, the Minister of Culture and Sportsand the Mayor of Madrid.
The CBA wanted this edition to be a tribute to all those who are on the front line of this Corona Crisis like health professionals and state security forces. Likewise, collectives and institutions from different countries sent their recordings, thanks to which this reading returned once again to position itself as one of the international focal points of reference around Book Day. There were fragments sent from India, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Chile, Panama, Romania, Honduras, China, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Argentina, Germanyand Sudan.
For the first time, Sudan was present in this event thanks to the effort of the Embassy of Sudan to Khartoum. Two lecturers of Spanish language of Comboni College of Science and Technology, Jaime Ferri and Yassir Hussein, and one student of Spanish and librarian at the Computer Science-IT building, Husna Musa, were among this distinguished list of readers.