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Short Courses

The Short courses at Comboni College Khartoum started in 1997 for the purpose of extending its educational program to students enrolled in other universities or employees of companies who wanted to improve their standard of English Language or Computer Skills.

Today the ongoing formation courses aims at providing education and proficiency in the fields of languages and computer knowledge.

Lessons usually take place 2 hours a day 3 times a week either in the morning or in the evening. Certificates recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education are issued at the end of the program. The educational staff includes native speakers for the language courses.

The ongoing formation programmes concerns on the following fields:

Computer courses

English language courses

Italian language courses

Spanish language courses

Palliative Care for Health Professionals (waiting for approval)

Arabic for foreigners

If you are interested in working with CCST Short Courses, please download and fill this form and send it to us via mail or fax. You can also Contact us directly.

Contact Numbers

     - Central site, Gasr Avenue, Tel: +249120787891 

     - Sergí’s, As-Sayyed Abdel Rahman Avenue, Tel: +249115000456

     - Manshia, Intersection between 60th Street and Manshia Bridge Road, Tel: +249120784350