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English Language & Literature

About the Program

  The English Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degree program aims at: 

  •  Obtaining a B.A. Degree Honours in English Language and Literature.
  •  Obtaining a body of fundamental knowledge in English language studies: E.g. Language, History, Culture, Linguistics, Literature, Literary  Criticism and Translation.
  •  Developing a high level of critical thinking and autonomous learning necessary for sustainable education and lifelong learning necessary for  survival in today’s ever changing world.
  •  Providing for the inculcation and development of life skills necessary for the workplace.
  •  Furnishing a solid theoretical and practical basis for continuing personal and professional development.
  •  Design and implement effective human-machine interfaces.
  •  Building up of language skills, IT skills and people skills necessary for communication, tolerance and acceptance of the other.
  •  It´s the only BA program in Sudan that contains courses of Italian and Spanish language.

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