Call for the selection of students for a semester at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)

Call for the Selection of Students for a Semester at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)

Comboni College of Science and Technology and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) agreed to cooperate for the exchange of students and staff in the context of the Erasmus+ programme.
With whom: The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) is the best university in Spain according to the Shanghai Ranking for technological universities. You find further information about his university here:
Period of the stay in the UPV: 1st February to 30th June 2020
What: The selected students will study between 20 and 30 credit hours in the School of Informatics of the UPV. You can check the available subjects in English in the Schools of Informatics for Bachelor´s Degree Students on the following link: and compare the contents of the subjects with those of our syllabus.
ELIGIBLE CCST STUDENTS: Students of the third year of the BSc in Computer Science.
APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED: BEFORE 20th September 2019 to the Wakil or to Mr. Mustafa Ali Musta Sati. The application should content the personal CV in English and a motivation letter where the applicant expresses the reasons why he wishes to participate in this exchange. Candidates should sit for the English Placement Test on Thursday 19 September at 9.30 am at the exam hall (Qasr Avenue).
The Selection committee will consider the following criteria in the selection of candidates: 1. The GPA (5 points); 2. The level of English according to the results of the placement test (5 points); 3. The motivation letter (5 points); 4. The level of Spanish Language demonstrated through the presentation of the certificate of the levels passed in the Short Courses of this language or equivalent accreditation (5 points). The selection committee will meet on Wednesday 25th to select the candidates and send their names to the UPV.

  • Overview 0/3

    In this section we'll show you how this course has been structured and how to get the most out of it. We'll also show you how to solve the exercises and submit quizzes.

  • Basics 0/6

    In this section you'll learn some basic concepts of programming languages and how to use them. You'll also learn how to write clean code using different code editors and tools.

    • Lecture 2.1
      Working with Numbers
    • Lecture 2.2
      Tuples, Sets, and Booleans
    • Lecture 2.3
      Regular Expressions
    • Lecture 2.4
      Version Control
    • Quiz 2.1
      Function Exercises
      3 Questions
    • Quiz 2.2
      Model Forms Exercise
      3 Questions
  • Advanced 0/4

    In this section you'll learn some core concepts of Object Oriented Programming. You'll also learn how to structure the data, debug and handling exceptions.

    • Lecture 3.1
    • Lecture 3.2
      Control Flow
    • Lecture 3.3
      Modules and Packages
    • Quiz 3.1
      Templating Engine
      3 Questions
  • Conclusion 0/1

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    • Lecture 4.1
      Errors and Exceptions
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