About Us

Our Historical Background

Saint Daniel Comboni (1831-1881) was a holy priest who sacrificed his life for the good of Sudanese people in the XIX century and the first Catholic Bishop of Khartoum. He believed that Africa was to be regenerated through Africans. But this motto could just become a reality if those Africans were educated. At the beginning of the XX century, his followers founded a Religious Institute made up of Priests and consecrated Brothers who arrived in Sudan to continue Comboni´s work. Education became their main commitment in the country. In 1929 they founded a school, which was called “Comboni College Khartoum (CCK)”.

Our Mission

Comboni College of Science and Technology is an international educational community that aims at fostering an inclusive society in which every member contributes to the common good through his/her scientific skills and personal commitment and values.

Our Vision

Comboni College of Science and Technology is a Sudanese and international educational community that considers every human being as a free person capable of building his/her own history, orientated towards excellency, both spiritually and professionally. Comboni College of Science and Technology considers diversity, either ethnic, cultural or religious, as a treasure that enriches the other and opens the mind and the heart. Comboni College of Science and Technology is a school of collaboration, mutual understanding and scientific research where everyone is called to be “Always More Always Better”.

Current Administration

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Fr. Beppino Puttinato


Fr. Jorge Naranjo


Prof. Abdel Rahman Khangi

Our International Lecturers