Comboni College Of Science And Technology

Always More Always Better


Principles and Goals

  In the light of its original inspiration, CCST orientates its mission and work according to the following principles and goals:

  1.  To form an educational community consecrated to the search for the truth in which every member shares a deep respect for the great      dignity of every human person independently of his/her gender, race, religion or nationality.
  2.  To propose a positive vision of diversity and implement a dialogue of life which builds a peaceful co-existence among students and      College staff from different ethnic or cultural origin, language and religion.
  3.  To foster peace and development in the Sudan through a model of intercultural education and the preparation of qualified and honest      professionals.
  4.  To form active citizens who commit themselves to the transformation of society in such a way that this one is shaped for the service of      every human being, especially of the poorest, and it’s founded upon justice and fraternity.
  5.  The commitment of the teaching staff to research, to contribute to the scientific progress of Sudanese society and to continuously      improve their teaching performance.
  6.  The research for the truth will be guided by the search for the integration of knowledge, the dialogue between faith and reason and the      consideration of the moral implications of the methods and results of scientific research.
  7.  The CCST programmes don’t aim just at transmitting knowledge to the students, but at fostering an attitude and an aptitude which lead to      identify, formulate and solve problems with a critical and constructive spirit capable of discerning the different options.
  8.  CCST offers scholarships and help to those students who lack financial means but have capacity to succeed in the studies and are ready to      adhere to the goals and principles of the College.