Comboni College Of Science And Technology

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Catholic Itentity

The Catholic identity of Comboni College of Science and Technology is expressed by principles and goals above mentioned and by the following ones:

  1.  The faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the guidance of the local Church leaders.
  2.  Upholding Gospel values, ideals and principles in all academic activities, with due regard to academic freedom and freedom of conscience for every person.
  3.  The respect of others in their religious beliefs that differ from the Catholic one.
  4.  Fostering service to others, especially the poor and persons with special needs.
  5.  Assuring pastoral care to Catholic students, lecturers and College staff.
  6.  The consideration of Jesus Christ as the model of human person.
  7.  Collaborating with the Church in human progress and in the development of Sudanese culture.
  8.  Collaboration and establishmet of scientific relations and exchanges with other Catholic Colleges and Universities in Africa.