Comboni College Of Science And Technology

Always More Always Better


Current Administration

  Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Fr. Beppino Puttinato

  Dean: Prof. Abdel Rahman Khangi

  Secretary of Academic Affairs: Dr. Nahla Gafer

  Registrar: Reem Mohammed

  Wakil: Fr. Jorge Naranjo

  Bursar: Noha Al-Kheir

  Attendance officer: Samra Khamis

  Liaison officer: Mohammed Abbas

  Directress of On Going Formation Courses: Dr. Nahla Gafer

  Coordinator of Computer Science Programme: Dr. Yasir Mohi El-Din

  Coordinator of English Language and Literature Program: Dr. Kirya Ahmed

  Coordinator of Educational and Religious Sciences Program: Dr. Michael Didi

  Coordinator of Information and Technology Programmes: Adam Ali