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ُEducational materials of the INSO Project

     –   Materials of the INSO Project          Download it

7th to 25th March 2017: Selection exams for INSO Project
English Placement Test

The project Innovation in society (INSO): Training and enhancement of human capital
in the Sudan is made up of the collaboration among the Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), the Ongoing Formation Center of the University of the Studies of Bari (CAP), Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST), and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Republic of Sudan (MOHE).
The project is addressed to 140 semi-finalist students from Information Technology and Computer Science, to university lecturers and to staff of MOHE. The project aims at contributing to the socio-economic development of Sudan through the empowerment of university students in their search and start of professional projects and through the creation of professional orientation departments in Sudanese universities that link universities with private and public institutions.
From 7th to 25th March, more than two hundred students were tested in their level in English in order to assess their adequancy for the formative program that will start on
24th April.

13th February 2017: Inauguration of LEC (Lengua Española en Comboni)

Inauguration of LEC (Lengua Española en Comboni)

The Ambassador of Spain to Sudan, H.E. Juan José Rubio Urquía, inaugurated, LEC,
the new space dedicated to Spanish language at the site of the College at Manshia.
The center is made of two classrooms and one computer lab that bear the names of three important personalities of Spanish culture: Cervantes, Velazquez and Gaudi. With the occasion of the inauguration, the Ambassador handed out the Gustavo Adolfo Bequer Awards in the two categories of poetry and legends. Mohammed Muzzamil won the prize in the category of poetry and Jihan Elias in the category of poetry. Both students receive
a set of books. There was also a special mention for the first Sudanese student who got
a B1 level DELE certificate.

3rd February 2017: Great results for our DELE studentsgreat results for our DELE students

Twelve students sat for the official exams of Spanish Language of Cervantes Institute (DELE) at CCST last 25-26 November 2016. The results were published. The only student who tried B1 level succeeded. Four students passed A2 level and three passed and two students passed A1 level and two failed. Therefore 58.3 % of the students passed their respective DELE exam.

31st January 2017: Promotion of teaching staff

The Committee for the Promotion of Teaching Staff met to examine the request of promotion presented by Dr. Asim Ahmed, Head of Department of Physics and Dr. Hassan Hamadallah, head of Department of Education. The Committee approved both requests and raised the application to become Associated Professor to the respective Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

22nd to 26th January: Sudan Independent Film Festival at CCSTsudan independent film festival at ccst

Sudan Independent Film Festival is one of the greatest cultural events in Sudan. Eighty films from fifty different countries where screened from 22nd to 26th January. CCST
was of the sites for the projection of films. The closing ceremony of the Festival took place at the Pimary Section of Comboni College Khartoum and was attended by 800 people. The “Black Elephant” to the best Sudanese film was for “Nyerkuk”, a film directed by Mohamed Kordofani.

17th January: APCA membership to CCSTAPCA membership to ccst

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) granted a free membership to CCST for its contribution to this medical field in Sudan. This membership aims at building a community of palliative care experts, careers and policy makers in Africa. APCA was established after a meeting in Cape Town in 2002 of 28 palliative care trainers from across Africa. The group produced the Cape Town Declaration, which holds palliative care and pain and symptom control as a human right for every adult and child with life-limiting illnesses. Thanks to Uganda's pioneering record in palliative care on the continent, APCA's head office was established in 2005 in the country's capital, Kampala, where several centres of palliative care expertise exist.

15th January: Results of CELI examsresults of celi exams

Perugia University for Foreigners announced the results of the sessions of exams of Italian language (CELI) hold on 21st November 2016. Comboni College of Science & Technology and its Italian language center (Comboni Italian Center – CIC) presented 20 candidates. Five students passed the A1 level exam, three passed the A2 level exam and four passed the B1 level exam. Just five candidates were not able to pass both the oral and written parts of the exam.

15th January: Celebration of Graduation

Twenty three graduates of the second batch of the BA in English Language and Literature, twenty three of the tenth batch of the Diploma in Information Technology-Accounting, twenty-three of the Diploma in Information Technology-Management and twenty three from the twelfth batch of the BSc in Computer Science celebrated their graduation in the courtyard of the Primary Section of the Primary School. The diplomas were distributed by the new Archbishop of Khartoum, Dr. Michael Didi, and the Dean of the College, Prof. Abdel Rahman Al-Khangi.

20th December: Discussion Forum on GERD at CCSTdiscussion forum on the GERD

Last Wednesday 20th December 2016, Mr. Beyene Ejigu Sefera, Public Diplomacy Counsellor of the Embassy of Ethiopia to the Republic of the Sudan, analyzed the implications of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for Sudan. The project is located along the Blue Nile close to the border with Sudan and at the end of the works; the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be the largest dam in Africa.
The students had the opportunity to put their questions and interact with Mr. Beyene. After the forum, the students who prepare the newsletter Comboni Puluse interviewed the Public Diplomacy Counsellor that insisted in the importance of education as a road
to serve the people.

(Click here to watch the video).

3rd December: Spreading Palliative Care in Sudan spreading palliative care in Sudan

Eighty health professionals gathered at the exam hall of CCST to listen to two world specialists in the field: Dr. Mohammed Bushnaq, from Palestine, and Dr. Layth Yahia, from Iraq. Dr. Bushnaq is the Director of the Arab Palliative Care Academy, the Jordan Palliative Care Clinic and the Bushnaq Training & developing Center.
He is also Chairman of the Jordan Palliative Care Society and a temporary adviser on palliative care for EMRO-WHO. Dr. Yahia instead is Director of the Radiation Oncology Program at Qirga, Iraq. The workshop introduced the holistic approach to the patient on which palliative care is based and deepened the spiritual dimension in a particular way.
After the workshop, Dr. Nahla Gafer, Director of the Palliative Care Courses at CCST and Dr. Mohja Kheir Allah, lecturer of Palliative Care at CCST, accompanied Dr. Mohammed Bushnaq and Dr. Layth Yahia in the meetings with different stakeholders involved in Palliative Care and with staff of the Federal Ministry of Health.

(View more photos). Workshop in Palliative Care (Click here to watch the video).

8th November: Made in Italy: Italian language and design,
creativity in action
made in italy

Prof. Fabio Caon, Dr. Valeria Tonioli and Dr. Claudia Meneghetti from University “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice presented the lecture Made in Italy: Italian language and design, creativity in action, on the promotional power of the Italian language in trade and culture. The event was part of the activities of the XVI World Week of Italian Language and was attended by the Ambassadors of Italy, France and the European Union. It took place at the Exam Hall of CCST.

(Click here to watch the video).

27th October 2016: End of year celebrationcelebration

After exams, projects of graduation and a long academic year, the College organized a party to celebrate it. It was occasion to welcome the new students who are already
doing the introductory courses (intensive English, Math’s,…) to the 2016 - 2017 academic year, to celebrate the approval of the new syllabus of the BA Honors in
English language and literature, to honor 126 students for their precious contribution to 2016 Cultural Week and to celebrate the creation of the College Chor.
This one presented several Sudanese traditional songs that delighted the students.

(Click here to watch the video).

14th - 16th October: CCST students transformed in actorssudan film factory

A group of students of CCST interested in drama and cinema participating in the shooting of the film “Faith”, directed by Mia Bittar and produced by Sudan Film Factory. Some scenes were shooted at the premises of CCST, CCK - Secondary Section and the Comboni Playground.

13th October: SAMA Festival at CCST sama festival film

SAMA International Music Festival held one of his events at CCST. It was a workshop with the Ugandan artist Daniel Okiror. The festival was organized by Goethe Institut. As-Shoroug TV broadcast part of his performance at CCST on the following day.

(Click here to watch the video).

8th October: Inauguration of Research and Resource Centre in
Palliative Care
resource and research centre

Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST) introduced in Sudan courses in Palliative Care approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2013. On 8th October 2016, in occasion of the World Palliative Day, CCST inaugurated a Research and Resource Centre thanks to the support of True Colors Fund.
The cutting of the ribbon was preceded by several lecturers that dealt with the history of Palliative Care, its characteristics, breast cancer an spiritual care of the patient.
Watch the video by clicking

6th October: Distribution of Diplomas DELE of Spanish Language 

The Spanish Ambassador to Sudan, H.E. Juan Jose Rubio Urquia, distributed the diplomas of Cervantes Institute for Spanish language (DELE) to the students of CCST that succeeded in the last session of exams. The President of the Association for Hispano-Sudanese Friendship, Mr. Mahmoud Salih Mohamed was also present along with the teaching staff of the courses. The event took place in the site of Manshia and was preceded by a presentation on “Don Quixote”, the master piece of Spanish literature written by Cervantes in the XVII century.

22nd Thursday - September

confernceCCST and Comboni Italian Center (CIC) organized an event entitled Protecting African World Heritage Sites: Heritage enriches our lives where Architect Nour Ad-Din Regeig performed a lecture about Cultural Heritage Sites of Africa and made an appeal on the importance of taking care of them. The lecture of the Commissioner for the Eastern Region for Cultural Heritage of the African Union of Architects was followed by a demonstration on the application of 3D modelling technology (photogrammetry) to the protection of cultural heritage. This demonstration is part of the graduation project of a group of students of the BSc in Computer Science (Ahmed AbdelMalik Mohamed, Dafallah An-Naeem Dafa Allah, Mutie Ibrahim Adam, Said Hussein Musa Said Hussain) that are supervised by Dr. Mona Khamis, who did an introduction to the technique. Among the distinguished audience it´s worth mentioning the presence of Ms. Mariam Siddiq Al-Mahdi, representatives of UNESCO and Initiative for a Green Sudan. After the demonstration, the guests were invited to visit a photography exhibition about Swakin. The photos were taken in the sixties of the last century by Fr. Boffelli. You can watch the video by clicking here.


The scientific Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved the new syllabus of the Bachelor Arts Honours in English Language and Literature. The Committee visited the facilities of Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST) last Tuesday 23rd August accompanied by the General Director of Private Higher Education, Dr. Abdel Hafiz Al-Tahir Ahmad. 

This new syllabus is the first one in Sudan to introduce Spanish language as a subject in a BA. Italian Language, which is the alternative to Spanish language and was already in the program, passes from 2 to 4 weekly hours.

The Technical Committee praised the quality of the new syllabus and the integration of the different subjects into a gradual journey that leads the students to deepen English Language and Literature. They also praised the importance given to Arabic language in spite of being a program that deals with foreign languages. 

First year students registering in these days will be the first ones to benefit from this new syllabus. Moreover, the fact of studying a BA Honours Degree means that they will have access to Master´s Degree without having necessarily to pass through a Post-graduate Diploma.

II Cultural Week of Comboni College of Science and Technology (6th - 11th August 2016)

The College celebrated its II Cultural Week from 6th to 11th August 2016 under the motto: Discovering our environment in order to care of it. The scope of the project was to sensitize students and Sudanese society in general about the importance of the care for the environment and the implications of its destruction. The activities started with a cleaning of the environment surrounding the College, located in the centre of Khartoum, and continued with a celebration supported by DAL FOOD and a fair with 11 different stands. The students of the Bachelor Arts in English Language and Literature presented the relation between literature and environment and the students of Computer Science and Information Technology the relation between technology, internet and environment. The stand of the environment instead introduced concepts like recycling and renewable energies and deepened the implications for health of the lack of care of the environment. Similarly, the stand of fine arts presented the theme through different artistic works. 

cleaning   south

culture   A second kind of stands where those in which the students presented the   richness of their natural patrimony (Sudan, Eritrea, South Sudan and Ethiopia)   and the threatens to it.

  The week was concluded with a concert in the courtyard of the Secondary   School sponsored by Dal Group/Dal Motors/Changan and attended by   1,600 persons who enjoyed the music of the Band of the Faculty of Music and   Drama of Sudan University of Science and Technology.

  The activities were covered by Blue Nile TV and As-Shuruq TV. 

  You can watch a summary of the week by clicking here.

  You can watch a  more photos on our facebook page by clicking here.

29th June: South African Film and College Futuur

confernce On the occasion of the youth month in South Africa, CCST in collaboration with the Embassy of South Africa in Khartoum screened the film Invictus that presents the experience of national reconciliation led by President Mandela.

The Ambassador of South Africa, H.E. Francis Muloi, introduced the film and dialogued with the students after it. This last day of lessons before Eid al-Fitr holidays concluded with a futuur that gathered together students, teaching and administrative staff and personnel of the Embassy of South Africa.

23rd - 28th May: Training course for CCST lecturers

Twenty seven lecturers of the College completed this training course that dealt with the preparation of exams and evaluation of students. The lecturers appreciated a lot the quality of the contents and the practical part in which the lecturers analyzed in a critical way their own exams (content, layout, comprehensivity, relevant, balance…). They also enjoyed the fact of being together with lecturers of other departments. During the workshop, the Dean of the College, Prof. Abdel Rahman Al-Khangi, introduced the regulations of the General Direction of Private Colleges for the promotion of teaching staff.

teacher workshop

18th May: Photography exhibition at CIC

event The first cultural activity of CIC was a photography exhibition of Fr. Pasquale Boffelli on some Sudanese tribes. The inauguration of the exhibition concluded with a concert by the Sudanese guitarists Ahmed Carlos and Mohammed Islam. The event was the occasion
for the people to visit the new centre. You also can visit the exhibition with this

12th May: Inauguration of the Comboni Italian Center (CIC)

ss The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the College, Fr. Beppino Puttinato, the Dean, Prof. Abdel Rahman Al-Khangi, the Wakil, Fr. Jorge Naranjo, the Ambassador of Italy to Sudan, H.E. and the President of the Italian company Pentax inaugurated the Centre
on Thursday 12th May in the presence of some journalists and the first Sudanese students who got the CELI certificates of Perugia University for Italian Language. The head teacher of this language at CCST, Mr.
Mattia Edallo distributed the diplomas.

Special thanks were given to Miss
who was the designer of the three rooms that constitute the centre. CIC is a centre of the College that exposes our students to Italian language and culture and promotes intercultural dialogue.
You can find a summary of the inauguration in this



23rd April: Trip to Begrawiyya and Meroe

After the exams of the first semester, CCST organized a cultural trip to the pyramids of Begrawiya and the Royal City of Meroe. Forty students, teaching and administrative staff of the College took part in this journey to the heart of the Meroitic Civilization.

(Click here to watch the video).

2nd April 2016: First batch in Palliative Care
palliative care
The first batch of the Course in Palliative Care approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research finished on 2nd April. Seventy six doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, radiotherapists and nutritionists completed 8 weeks of training at the site of Comboni College of Science and Technology called Comboni-Sergi at Sayyed Abdel Rahman Street.
The participants came from the National Center for Neurological Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, Sharg El Neel Hospital. They also had four weekly hours of practice in direct contact with the patients.


21th March 2016: Mother´s day at Orphanage

A group of students of the BA in English Language and Literature paid a visit to the children who cannot enjoy the care of a mother at Dar Al-Maiguma. CCST thanks Ustaz Mohammed Abdallah, Head of Department of English Language and Literature, that organized the visit and to the students and lecturers who became our Ambassadors of tenderness. The encounter took place last Monday 21st of March, Mother´s Day

palliative care

18th March 2016: The journey done by Palliative Care in Sudan presented in Oman

Dr. Nahla Gafer, Secretary of Academic Affairs of CCST and Directress of the Courses of Palliative Care, was invited to present the journey of Palliative Care in Sudan at the Cancer Control in Primary Care Course organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) at the Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) from 18th to 20th March.





17th March 2016: Henry Dunant at CCST

CCST was honoured with the visit of Mr. Heinz Wurth, Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy, and some Swiss members of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. Mr. Heinz Wurth introduced the film Henry Dunant: red on the cross and the crescent that tells the story of the founder of Red Cross and red Crescent. After the film the students and guests enjoyed the exhibition with the paintings of Tariq Awad Sharif and
the art crafts of Mohammed Mustafa As-Senari. Finally, the students who prepare Comboni Pulse didn´t miss the occasion to interview Mr. Wurth.

(Click here to watch the video).

15th March 2016: The administration of CCST at Al-Ahfad .ahfad

The Director of Services of Comboni College of Science and Technology, Mohammed Mustafa As-Sennari, was invited by Al-Ahfad University to present an exhibition of his artistic work in the context of its 50th anniversary. Fr. Beppino Puttinato, Chaiman of the Board of Trustees of CCST, and Prof. Gasim Badri, President of Al-Ahfad, inaugurated the exhibition on Tuesday 15th March 2016.



palttive carecourse

Comboni College of Science and Technology has been supporting the training
of Sudanese doctors in the field of Palliative Care since 2009. In 2014 the College presented an ongoing formation program in Palliative Care that was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Up to now the courses of CCST in Palliative Care had been run with the support of Hospice Africa Uganda and Makere University. Since last January 2016 the first course fully run by Sudanese doctors is taking place.  Seventy two medical doctors and nurses registered. Dr. Nahla Gafer and seven Sudanese trainers perform the lessons.
The two-month course is given every Saturday and includes theory and practice. Twelve candidates come from the National Cancer Institute, ten from the NCNS, ten from
Sharg El-nil Hospital and eight from Radio Isotope Center Khartoum.

4th March 2016: CELI exams at CCST

For the first time in history, international exams of Italian language as foreign language (CELI) took place in Sudan. It was at Comboni College of Science and Technology that is official centre of CELI exams of Perugia University for Foreigners. Thirty seven candidates sat for A2, B1 and B2 exams.

On the other hand, last 8th October CCST renewed its agreement with Cervantes Institute in Cairo so that international exams of Spanish Language will be offered as usual next November.   


18th February: “Life is beautiful” at CCST

The Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy, Dr. Valeria Romare, introduced the historical context in which the plot of the film “Life is Beautiful” takes place. After the screening of the film, the Sudanese artist Ghassan Al-Abaloula presented his two projects: Nubian Land and Dance of Nubian Birds. Some of his paintings were exhibited in the veranda attached to the hall where the film was screened. The visitors could contemplate the paintings meanwhile the band of Ramy Ramond played some classical masterpieces (Click here to watch the video)

27th January: Closing Ceremony of the Sudan Independent Film Festival

Comboni College had the privilege of hosting the closing ceremony of the 3rd Sudan Independent Film Festival, one of the greatest cultural events of the city. The best Sudanese Film received the “Black Elephant” Award with the presence of the Minister of Culture and the Ambassadors of Palestine and Switzerland. In his speech, The Wakil of Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST), Fr. Jorge Naranjo gave a short historical background on the educational contribution of Comboni College. The Director of Sudan Film Factory, Mr. Talal Afifi, an ex Student of CCK, also spoke about the importance of CCK in the formation of a Sudanese leadership sensitive to culture and open to diversity. He said:

"We are here in a building that keeps the social fabric, the academic greatnessgg and the architectonic splendor in the midst of a hard and pressing reality and a spread struggle all around the world because of identities... We are here at Comboni that is a place associated to acceptance, respect and equality. We can say that we are in the paradise of the Cultural Resistance.

We greet the Fathers, teachers and school workers of Comboni and we ask for them full
success and luck. We wish that this school continues strongly promoting the academic, cultural and artistic movement in Sudan".

CCST was among the partners that supported Sudan Film Factory in the organization of the festival and the Secondary School offered its wonderful courtyard for the closing ceremony
that was attended by 1,000 guests
(Watch here the video summary of the event)


14th January: Spanish film at CCST

The Spanish Ambassador to Sudan, his Excellency Mr. Juan José Rubio Urquia visited CCST and presented the Spanish film “Diamantes Negros”. The film tells the long journey undertaken by two young boys from Mali who arrive in Spain after being persuaded to pursue their dream of escaping from poverty by becoming professional football players. During the posterior debate, the students who watched the film underlined the importance
of committing yourself in the place where you live and transforming the reality that surrounds you instead of idealizing other places where life appears at easy.

At the end of the debate, the Sudanese artist Ibrahim Mohammed Uthman, presented his work. Some of his photos and paintings could be contemplated after the film.

12th January: Refugee Student Day

The Refugee Student Support Committee (RSSC) under the umbrella of the Secretariat of Students Affairs of Ahfad University for Women, in partnership with UNHCR, organized an event at CCST that aimed at spreading awareness about refugees rights and obligations. The students expressed the life and challenges of refugees through poetry, drama and dance. The event was attended by several officers of UNHCR in Khartoum and students from Al-Ahfad and Comboni College of Science and Technology. You can watch a summary of the event here.

4th January: CCST Graduates Office

Comboni College of Science and Technology opened the “CCST Graduates Office”. The goal of this office is to strengthen ties with the College graduates, to be point of reference
and communication for them and to elaborate records about their professional location.
The Secretary of the Office is Mr. Musa Boutros Zikry, one of the last graduates of Information Technology. The office is located at the Linguistic Lab in the headquarters of the College but can also be contacted through E-mail

CCST: Official centre of exams of Italian Language associated to Perugia Universitycc

The Academic Senate of Perugia University for Foreigners approved on 26th November the request of CCST to become exams centre for CELI Diplomas (Italian Language Certificates). This means that CCST students of Italian language, those of the Short Courses and those of the BA in English Language and Literature, will be able to sit for these official exams next 5th March 2016 at the College.

Conference of Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Dr. Nahla Gafer, Secretary of Academic Affairs and Directress of CCST Short Courses participated in the Second Conference of Anaesthesia and Pain Management organized by Cairo University from 4th to 7th November 2015 at Hurghada. The Conference shed light on the last updates in anesthesia and pain management and focused in cancer patients. 

Workshop for Chairmen and Deans of universities on strategic management

The Association of Sudanese Universities (ASU) organized a workshop for Chairmen, Administrators and Deans of Colleges and Universities. The event took place in the main hall of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and dealt with the strategic development of the institutions of Higher Education in Sudan (Colleges and Universities). During the first day, Dr. Mohammed Said Khalifa introduced different theoretical tools to implement the strategy of a university. The second day focused on the sharing of concrete experiences of strategic planning by some Sudanese universities. Dr. As-Siddiq Ahmad Al-Mustafa Haiaty presented a lecture on the criteria to elaborate a ranking of the Sudanese universities. Forty three public and fourteen private universities and colleges participated in the workshop. Comboni College of Science and Technology was represented by its Dean, Prof.Abdel-Rahman Al-Khangi, and by its General Administrator (Wakil), Fr. Jorge Naranjo.

The CCST Cultural Month 

Cultural Week photo's album


Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST) celebrated a Cultural Month from 4th August to 20th August 2015.  The activities were divided into two weeks. The first
one started with an opening celebration where the students could express their cultural identities through songs, dance and poetry. The goal was to share our diversity as a treasure for the other.

The second day of that week consisted of a Symposium on the scientific work of Fr. Vantini and the continuity of Nubian Studies. This symposium was preceded by an exhibition displayed in the central building of CCST where the students could have a
visual idea about the contribution of Fr. Vantini to Sudan´s history with some photos of the two archaeological expeditions in which this monk and archaeologist took part, the Polish one in Faras (1965-1969) and the Italian one with La Sapienza University at Sonqi Tino (1967-1970). The frescoes of the two churches found in those sites can be visited today
in the National Museum of Khartoum.

During the Symposium Dr. Mohammed Jalal Hashim, a Sudanese linguist and Nubiologist, explained the journey done by scholars concerning Nubiology and the role of Fr. Vantini
in the progress of this science.

During the third day, Sudan Film Factory broadcasted three short films produced after a long intensive workshop held at Goethe Institut Sudan in 2010. The Sudanese filmmakers that realized the three films were present during the projections and discussed with the audience about their challenges.

The fourth day instead was organized by the Italian Embassy that proposed the film The room of the son by Nanni Moretti. The movie was presented by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy in Sudan, Ms. Valeria Romare.

During the second week instead, from 17th to 20th August, the students prepared an exhibition with ten stands that exposed to the visitors the different programmes of the College, some aspects of their original cultures (Ethiopian, Eritrean, South Sudanese, Sudanese), the work of the Sudanese visual artist Ibrahim Mohammed Osman, the scientific contribution of Fr. Vantini and the history of CCK and CCST.

Through the academic stands, the students (Computer Science, Information Technology and English Language and Literature) had occasion to share with the thousands of visitors what they studied in a didactic and interactive way.

  The Cultural Season ended with a concert in the courtyard of the   Secondary School by the famous Sudanese singer Nancy Ajaj. This   wonderful concert was possible thanks to the sponsorship of a local   company, Dal Motors.

  All these activities have strengthened the links between the College and   Sudanese society, have expressed the role of a university as mediator of   culture with the society in which it is inserted and became a wonderful   educational experience for the students who assumed heavy responsibilities   and carried them on until the end. The students prepared the design of the   fair, the marketing project to get sponsors and assumed all the   responsibilities related to the organization.

  The activities had a great impact in the local media. Three radios stations   (Hala, Sawa and Sahirun) broadcasted programs on the exhibition, the life   of Comboni and the educational vision of CCST and several newspapers   published different articles on the event (Akhir Lahza, Al-Ayaam,   Al-Jarida,…).


Cultural Week                                                                                                                                             

Comboni College of Science and Technology celebrates its first Cultural Week from 3rd August to 8th August. This week doesn't intend to be a mere break in the life of the College in which the doors open for visitors. Lessons will continue so that our dear guests will have the opportunity to know the ordinary life of CCST. The activities of this week link the College with society and culture and open the horizons of its students beyond the particular subject they study.
The program will be the following one:

MONDAY 3rd AUGUST: CULTURAL FEAST OF INAUGURATION AT 5:00 PM                Cultural Week Program

TUESDAY 4th AUGUST: Dr. VANTINI AND NUBIAN STUDIES AT 6:00 PM                          Vantini Day Photo

WEDNESADY 5th AUGUST: SUDANESE CINEMA AT 6:00 PM                                                         Sudanese Film Photo


In the context of its Cultural Week, Comboni College of Science and Technology organizes a Symposium to recall the scientific contribution to the history of Sudan of one of its most illustrious lecturers, Dr. Fr. Giovanni Vantini. Dr. Mohammed Jalal Hashim will present the current situation of the research on Oriental Sources concerning Nubia after the work of Dr. Vantini and other scholars will recall his scientific work.

Venue: Tuesday 4th August 2015 at 6:00 PM at the hall of the central site of Comboni College of Science and Technology (Qasr Avenue).


First Training Course for CCST lecturers (1st - 4th June)

CCST organized an internal course of 24 hours for her lecturers. The course presented a wide range of topics: Management of large multilevel classes, effective teaching, classroom management, professional development of the lecturer, testing, methodology of teaching, lesson planning and educational technology. Some of these topics were identified as target issues that should be depened in future courses. It’s worth mentioning the great participation of the lecturers of the English Department. This workshop intends to be the first one of series of annual courses that nourishes the ongoing formation of the lecturers and a fundamental criterion for their promotion.

Spanish Club at the new site of CCST at Bahrispanish club

The last edition of the Spanish Club took place in the new site of Comboni College of Science and Technology at Bahri. The event was honoured with
the presence of the Head of Mission of the Spanish embassy, Mr. Ander Ruiz de Gopegui, and presented the life and work of a very famous Spanish singer, Rocio Durcal.

The celebration was the occasion to announce the beginning of the new courses of Spanish language on 10th June at Manshia that aim at preparing
the next session of DELE exams that will take place on 20st - 21st November.

The registration is already open.


The new Italian Ambassador visits CCST

Last Monday 20th April 2015 the new Italian Ambassador, Fabrizio Lobasso, visited CCST and handed over the awards to the best students of the courses of Italian language that take place in the College. The event was also about
the occasion to thank the support of the Deputy Head of Mission, Dr. Chiara Petracca, who leaves Sudan in order to start a new service in her country.

The students and guests who took part in the event could also enjoy the vision of an extraordinary documentary in Italian language from the series, Planet Earth as never seen before. The film projected was In the kingdom of water.


Celebrating the first Sudanese students who succeeded in DELE exams

In 2014 CCST became official centre of Cervantes Institute for the Diploma of Spanish as Foreign Language (DELE). Last Thursday 26th February CCST celebrated the success of four Sudanese students in the exams that took place on 20th November 2014. The event was the occasion for the presentation of the life of Miguel de Cervantes and his master piece, Don Quixote de la Mancha. This year coincides with the four hundred years of
this jewel of the world literature

The celebration took place in the site of Menshia and was honoured with the presence of the Ambassadors of Spain, Juan Gonzalez Barba, and Venezuela, Haníbal Márquez, and the pioneer of Spanish language at CCST, Yassir Hussein, who started these courses six years ago.

Pain Management Training for health professionals at CCSTpalative care

Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST) in collaboration with the State Ministry of Health organized a course in pain management for health professionals. The participants were 103 doctors, nurses and pharmacists from 22 different hospitals in Khartoum state. The training was coordinated
by Dr. Nahla Gafer and conducted mainly by Dr. Mhoira Leng, Head of Palliative Care at Makerere University (Uganda) - Medical Director of Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust, Ms. Mwazi Batuli from Makerere University and Mulago Hospital (Kampala), Dr Alyaa Al-Mahdi and Dr Mohja Kheirallah from RICK.
The training took place on Saturdays 24th, 31st January and 7th February 2015 at the premises of CCST located at Said Abdel Rahman Street and
was sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Pain. 

This course is part of the Palliative Care Programs at CCST and aimed mainly to disperse the myths about morphine, improve its use and help avail it to patients in need, supporting in this way the 2014 World Health Organization Assembly resolution Freedom from Pain is a Human Right.

New Courses of Italian language at Menshia

Comboni College of Science and Technology started new courses of Italian Language at its site located at Manshia last 1st February 2015 thanks to the incorporation of two new teachers. Moreover, the course structure in both sites, Qasr Avenue and Manshia, has been read justed according to the levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1 / A2 - B1 / B2).  More information

exams International exams of Spanish language at CCST

For the first time in Sudan, the exams of Spanish language of Cervantes Institute took place last 21 - 22 November in the central site of the College. CCST became exams centre of DELE associated to the Cervantes Institute
in Cairo. Eighteen candidates did the A2 level exam mean while five did the A1 level one.
On 13th January the candidates will be able to consult their votes in the website of Cervantes Institute. It´s foreseen to have the next session of DELE exams on 22 - 23 May for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.


The period of registration for DELE exams in our site at Manshia will be open from next Wednesday 10-09-2014. The last day for registration will be on Tuesday 30th September, before the Feast of the Sacrifice. DELE exams will take place on Saturday 22nd November.

17th July 2014: The closure of the course in Palliative Care Approach in Cancer Management organized by CCST in collaboration with Makerere University (Uganda) took place last 17thJuly at Coral Hotel. Twenty five doctors, nurses, pharmacists and psychologists from different Sudanese hospitals attended the two weeks workshop animated by Dr. Mhoira Leng from the Palliative Care Unit of Makerere University. Dr. Mohammed Ismail, deputy of the General Director of Foreign and Private Colleges of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research attended the closure.

6th July 2014: Dr. Nahla Gafer, directress of the CCST Short Courses in Palliative Care, got a grant from the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Developing Countries Working Group. Thirty-six individuals from 23 countries had applied for the grants. Dr. Gafer also got the 2014 International Development & Education Award in Palliative Care (IDEA-PC). This award is designed to provide support to oncologists who are interested in palliative medicine. We recall that CCST offers the first course in Palliative Care approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

16th June 2014: The second term of the academic year started

5th June 2014: The football team of CCST reached the final of the tournament for South Sudanese university students organized by the Foreign Students Welfare Organization. Ten universities took part in the tournament, whose final champion was Nilein University.

1st June 2014: The Ministry of Higher Education approved the Course of Palliative Care at CCST.

6th May 2014: Fr. Jorge Naranjo in the name of CCST and Mr. Eduardo Calvo, Director of Cervantes Institute in Cairo signed the convention according to which CCST becomes official exams centre of Cervantes Institute for DELE exams. The first groups of Sudanese students of Spanish language will do DELE exams next 22nd November 2014.

19th February: Approval of CTTC studies. 385 students who had studied Educational and Religious Studies at CTTC (Catholic Teachers Training College) from 1996 to 2011 had their studies recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and are invited to ask for their diplomas. We recall that this programme is part of CCST from 2011.

18th February: Approval of short courses of Spanish language. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved the Course of Spanish Language. About 50 students are already studying Spanish at the site of Manshia.

8th February: Awards for the best students of Italian language. The First Secretary of the Italian Embassy, Dr. Chiara Petracca, hands the monthly prizes for the best students of the courses of Italian language at the central site of CCST at Qasr Street.

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